We are Aliens, left our planets to become immigrants to the Earth. Not too long ago, we met in a small city of the Earth for the first time. We click with each other and become good friends.

Although looking very alike (from our vision), every Earth person we meet has different personality and interests. 

They try to stand out from the ordinary lot, urge for acquiring  something uncommon, special, even unique.

We travel around. We search for the specials. We select only the unique gifts. We want to share all these with the extraodianry you. We all deserve living with the uniqueness we love.


我們遇到的每一位地球人,雖然 (在我們眼中) 長得一模一樣,卻有著不一樣的個性和喜好;他們不甘平凡,追求獨特的事物。