Imabari Bath Towel - Kashiwa Sato Design Series

Imabari Bath Towel - Kashiwa Sato Design Series

The Story

Kashiwa Sato Series

Kashiwa Sato, famous Japanese graphic designer who helped Imabari towels to establish its re-branding strategies. This Kashiwa Sato collection is the limited edition of Imabari towels, featuring precise color control and premium supima cotton.


Imabari Towel

Imabari has thrived as Japan’s leader in fine-quality towel production for 120 years. Imabari Towels are renown throughout Japan as towels of the finest quality. The region where imabari towels are produced is blessed with soft water with very little content of heavy metals. Through bleaching using water of such fine quality, it is possible to produce fabrics that are delicate and soft to the touch and showing vibrant colors.


Imabari towels have an extraordinarily high absorbency rate. The standards stipulate that a towel must set to the bottom of water within 5 seconds of placement in water (precipitation method). Imabari towels are characteristic in that they absorb sweat and water quickly and are gentle to the skin, without leaving your skin feeling sticky after wiping off sweat or drying your body after a bath.



W75 x L150cm 







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