Autumn Wind Chime

Autumn Wind Chime

The Story 

Handcrafted in Shizuoka, Japan, this stylish wind chime brings the world of "Zen" to your room. 


Craftsmen compound materials in their original way to make the brass sounds well. The special brass is melted in high temperature, and poured into a mold. Then, craftsmen shave and polish the casting one by one. That is why the Japanese Furin has unique atmosphere. 

Gold wind chime makes higher and clearer sound. Black wind chime makes lower sound, giving a calm atmosphere in the twilight. 


Bamboo Stand

Skilled craftsmen cut bamboo into 41 thin and rounded sticks. Then, they insert and adhere the bamboo sticks one by one. So, the stand of tabletop wind bell is very delicate, but stable as well. The supple and smooth carved lines by bamboo sticks give a calm atmosphere to the daily life. Also, bamboo changes its color and gloss as the time passes. Bamboo gains beautiful color and gloss like an amber.


Paulownia box for storage
The nonflammable nature of paulownia wood makes it be used for the box of art piece or high-class chest of drawers. Paulownia has high airtightness and is hard to be influenced with outside temperature or moisture. Therefore, paulownia box is appropriate for long-term storage of important items.



Stand: φ120 × H380mm

Wind Chime: φ35 × H52mm 
Paulownia box: W145 × H405 × D148mm



Wind Chime 1 pc, Bamboo Stand 1 pc, Paulownia Gift Box



Brass, Bamboo, Paulownia