Japanese Drinking Game Sake Set

The Story

Living up to the name “Tosa, land of sake”, Kochi Prefecture is known as a place where people of all (legal) ages enjoy sake. Not seen in other regions, Kochi has an unique banquet game called “Bekuhai Game”. 


BekuHai set is for a Bekuhai game which is played by two or more people. These Bekuhai cups use the image of traditional Japanese masks:  “Okame” (Female face), Hyottoko (Male funny face), and Tengu (Japanese Goblin). Okame contains the least amount of sake inside and you can put it down without finishing sake inside, Hyottoko has a hole at its mouth, which you have to keep your finger to stop sake leaking, meaning that you cannot put it down without finishing sake inside. Tengu has a long nose, therefore contains the biggest amount of sake inside and also cannot put down without finishing sake inside. Players of Bekuhai spin a teetotum and drink from the cup indicated on the upward facing side of the teetotum when it falls. 



Okame: W50 x H20cm

Hyottoko: L70 x W70 x H28mm

Tengu: W70 x H62mm

Box: L208 x W83x H73mm






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