Birdman's Stoneware Coffee Dripper and Pot Set

Birdman's Stoneware Coffee Dripper and Pot Set

The Story

Birdman's Home, a family stoneware project began in Budapest, Hungary. The brand comprises three family members. Tanya creates beautiful handmade stoneware, Vasiliy makes photos and their 2-years old daughter Taisia fills this project with inspiration and joy.  


“We just makes beautiful stoneware for your tables. By hands to homes. Sweet homes. We’re happy to be able to create nice things from clay. And we’re especially glad to see happy faces of people when they find in our ceramics exactly what they have been looking for”, said Vasily Birdman.


The stoneware works are inspired by the styles of the Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese minimalism, a combo of asian and European minimal. “The modern man's world is often crowded with all sorts of things and gadgets,” said Birdmans, “Minimalist design helps us to see that we do not really need much to be happy.” 


These handmade stoneware ceramic were fired at over 1260 C degrees and it is quality assurance and strength. The elegant earthy tone of the stonewares brings comfort and harmony to your home. The dripper needs 02-size HARIO filter.



Dripper 1 pc, Pot 1 pc



Dripper: Φ10 x H9cm, Weight 13oz/370g

Pot: Φupper 9, Φbottom 13 x H9cm; Weight = 20oz/570g, Volume: 430ml 






Microwave and dishwasher safe



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