Child Spoon & Fork DIY Kit

SKU: T19S1002CSF

The Story

A precious gift from parents to their children. Experience the satisfaction of making the dining tools for your kids by your own hand. The kit contains contain hand-carved wooden blocks, three grades of sand paper, beeswax and cloth. Whittle away the block form to your desired shape, sand down any rough edges and then varnish with the beeswax. A small craft knife or penknife would be sufficient for this whittling challenge.



Spoon Block 1 pc,

Fork Block 1 pc,

Sand paper 3 pcs (No.150.240.400),

Beewax 1 pc,

Cloth 2 pcs



Spoon: H11 x W3 cm

Fork: H11 x W3 cm



Cherry Wood



These utensils are suitable for everyday use but to keep the wood at its best, do not leave the utensils to soak in water, and re-wax from time to time.


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