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六境香蠟・抹茶 - CRINKLE CANDLE Matcha

六境香蠟・抹茶 - CRINKLE CANDLE Matcha

The Story

Crinkle Candle is designed by Makoto Komatsu, produced by Ceramic Japan in the city of Seto, the location of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.



This fragrance evokes an image of a quiet tearoom secluded by dense bamboo forest. In Japanese tea ceremony, several guests sit on tatami mats while a tea master prepares matcha, a special frothy type of green tea, for them. The dry rustling of bamboo stalks outside such teahouses adds to the sense of peace and serenity created by the ceremony. This fragrance will make you imagine the warm steam from the kama kettle and the fresh, green aroma of the tea as it is whipped with a whisk, mingled with the scent of the tatami mats.


Top note : Leafy green
Middle notes : Tea leaf, Hot water, Bamboo, Jasmine
Base note : Tatami


Candle ingredients:

・100% domestically-sourced and plant-based ingredients including soya wax, palm oil and rapeseed oil base

・No petrol-carbon soot

・Stable burn

・Cleaner burning; no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants




Burning Time:

Up to 40 hours



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