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Dot Flower Crayon

Dot Flower Crayon

The Story

The Dot Flowers Crayon set contains 6 unique crayons that are each comprised of multiple color dots. Each color combination is designed to emulate a specific flower, and will add a beautiful touch to any sketch or drawing.


Poppy: Orange, Lavender, Yellow Green, Pale Blue and Yellow. 

Marigold: Red, Blue, Orange and Olive Green. 

Lavender: Red, Lavender, Blue and Green. 

Cosmos: Pink, Yellow, Pale Blue and White. 

Morning Glory: Pale Blue, Blue, Yellow Green, Orange and Green. 

Tulip: Red, Yellow Green, Blue and Yellow.



8 x 10 x 50mm each



Talc, Wax, Water-soluble resin, Pigment


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