JIU IO - Pot with Lid set

JIU IO - Pot with Lid set

The Story


Bring "Cooking" and "Eating" together as one

Frying Pan JIU is a stylish iron frying pan with a one-touch detachable handle. Made one by one from high quality iron, the frying pan is designed with a deep-set outer ridge shaped like a dish, allowing you to eat directly from the pan without any trouble.

Developer FUJITA METAL is a long-established manufacturer of metal household products based in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture. Together with TENT, a famous design firm in Tokyo, they have repeated trial and error, and finally came up with this masterpiece cookware. 


Smooth and easy movement of the slide mechanisms

Feelings of solid natural wood from Yamagata, the handle that can be easily attached and removed simply by sliding lightly by using your thumb. (Patent pending)


Uncoated thick iron pan

1.6mm thick iron plate allows ingredients to be cooked slowly even by low heat and it brings juicy texture of the meat, crunchy texture of the vegetables, and the bread can be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. You will be surprised how tasty your food can be!


Tailored for user friendliness

Using a special hard temper processing method, the iron is soaked in olive oil and held over a high temperature burner. By performing this time-consuming process in-house (a task that is typically handled by the user), the frying pan ships ready to use immediately after purchase. It is rust resistant, stick resistant and it easily brings out the best flavor of your food.



Gas Stove, Induction Cooktop, Oven



Iron Pot 1pc, Natural Wooden Handle 1pc, Iron Lid 1pc


Iron Pot:
Outer Φ26, Inner Φ20 x H8cm (Bottom Φ12cm)
Weight 875g

L19cm x W3.5cm
Weight 195g


Iron Lid:

Φ22 x H3.3cm 

Pot & Lid: Iron
Handle: Beech/ Walnut Wood

Lid Knob: Beech/ Walnut Wood



  • Remove the wooden handle while using on gas stove or in oven.
  • After the meal, dishwashing detergent is not always required for cleaning. Simply use a scrubbing brush and hot water to clean. 
  • Prevent rust by heating the metal over the burner or wiping moisture off after use. 
  • Apply a light coat of oil onto the entire dried surface of the frying pan.