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Monster Hug

Monster Hug

The Story

SUGAI WORLD, founded in 2011 in Tokyo, is a design gift maker with a playful attitude. The founder of SUGAI WORLD, Yu Sugai observed people in Japan work long hours in small spaces, so he started writing down his ideas about products that he felt could make life more comfortable and fun. Through his products, he hopes to make people's workday happier and “provide imagination and dreams to the world.”


Monster Hug is an Monster-shaped portable washi tape dispenser.
Attach the Hug around a roll of tape by gently bending the monster’s legs. Roll out the tape and rip with the jagged edge located on the Monster bottom. The appearance of the Monster tightly hugging a roll of tape is very humorous. Attached to your favorite colored tape, it becomes a fun little tabletop decoration. As an additional function, it can also be used as a phone holder.
Hugs are entirely made of natural fiber paper, so it is soft to the touch and safe. The paper is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Lightweight and compact, they are portable and easy to store attached to the tape. They are wonderful company for you, and make great gifts for friends and family!



2 pcs 






Natural fiber paper



Best suit for washi tape , W15~18mm × 10m


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