Make your Own Japanese Mini Plate Kit

The Story

Experience the satisfaction of learning a new craft with this DIY wood whittling kit from Japan. Whittle away the block form to your desired shape, sand down any rough edges and then varnish with the beeswax. A hand-carved plate feels warmth of wood it will be a unique plate for you. Use as a condiments dish in mealtime, or a plate for cookies or ice cream with tea in snack time. It can also be used as a small display tray for accessories. A great gift for someone who loves making things, as a first step in to the world of woodcraft.



Octagon Plate Block 1 pc,

Square Plate Block 1 pc,

Work Board 1 pc,

Carving Knife 1 pc,

Sand paper 3 pcs (No.150, 240, 400),

Beewax 1 pc,

Cloth 2 pcs



Octagon Plate: H9.5 x W9.5 cm 

Square Plate: H8.5 x W8.5 cm



Octagon Plate: Walnut Wood

Square Plate: Cedar Wood



These utensils are suitable for everyday use but to keep the wood at its best, do not leave the utensils to soak in water, and re-wax from time to time.


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