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Stackable Baby Crayon

Stackable Baby Crayon

The Story

These non-toxic colour crayons are for the first time artists. 

The curved surface of the babycolour crayon is an easy fit for a child's hands. Allows younger children to express their creativity and draw without using sharp objects such as a pencil or a pen. 


Drawing pictures is to enhance the sensitivity against the colors, the development of the sense of sight, and the rich expression. Babycolor is created to encourage the intellectual training. 


The stackable design of the crayons allows children to play like building blocks. 

AP Certified. The AP mark is a mark given to products that pass the safety standards of American art supplies. Heavy metals, carcinogens, such as skin irritation has been tested.

For Ages 2+



12 pcs Assorted Crayons / 6pcs Assorted Crayons


Product size : W3.2 x H5.4cm
Package size : W13.5 x H22 x D3.6cm



Pigment, polyethylene, calcium carbonate, liquid paraffin, paraffin wax

PriceFrom HK$75.00

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