Organic GYOKURO [玉露] (50g)

Organic GYOKURO [玉露] (50g)

The Story

Settled in an old merchant’s house over 150 years old in the heart of Mino city, Gift Prefecture, HAPPA STAND is a modern and very trendy tea room but with obvious deep roots in classic Japanese thoughts and aesthetics. HAPPA STAND's tea are organically grown in Ujitawara Kyoto by its contracted green tea farms. 


GYOKURO is the highest grade Japanese leaf tea which is as unique as its name — 'drop of jew'. Its elegant and slender dark green needles create a vibrantly pale green liquor. It is best enjoyed in very small sips. Just a few drops at a time are enough to surprise you with its rich aroma and mellow sweetness.


Due to the level of care and attention needed to produce organic GYOKURO, it is a rather rare tea -- less than 1 percent of all tea made in Japan is GYOKURO. There is no more cordial welcome you can give to your guests than a cup of GYOKURO, and its distinctive qualities also makes it the perfect gift.



Aroma 4 / Bitterness 2 / Sweetness 5


Brewing temperature:








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