Private Roaster

Private Roaster

The Story

The Private Roaster created by Takeshi Hamana of 807 Design, the Grand Prix winnerof the 2016 Hizen Yoshida Yaki Design Competition. It is a handy pan for roasting coffee beans over a stove. Its doughnut-like shape helps it better distribute heat and avoid spillages when tossing contents side to side. 


The roaster has an indent solid wood handle that hooks into a slot on the side of the pan. Once finished roasting, simply unhook the handle, then push it perpendicularly into the top opening of the pan and use it to lift the whole container. The side slot then doubles as a spout so the beans can be poured out. This means that your hands never get too close to the hot ceramic, but also the roaster can be compactly stored away.


Made by 224 Porcelain, the Private Roaster can roast up to 150 grams of coffee beans.


224 porcelain is a new porcelain brand produced by Hizen Yoshida Pottery in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture of Japan, a region well known for its tea and hot springs. Using techniques and tools developed over 400 years of pottery production both in the Ureshino region and neighboring Arita City, they provide innovative products that enrich our daily lives.


How to Use

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Roasting Pan: φ155×H60mm

Whole Length with handle: 320mm



Porcelain, Wood



Do not use in microwave and dishwasher.

Wash with neutral detergent and by hand only. 

Due to uniquely handcrafting, each product may differ a bit from one another in terms of size, color, pattern, capacity, weight, shape, etc. Product may not exactly identical to the sample image.



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