Retro Soy Sauce Pot KAGOME

Retro Soy Sauce Pot KAGOME

The Story


For 120 years since its establishment in 1899, HIROTA GLASS has been dedicated to glass manufacturing. Now the company is under the 4th generation glassmaker, and has evolved its own signature style through harmonisation of European traditional glassmaking technique with Japanese artistry. Hirota Glass stays true to its classic designs and influences dating back to the pre-war period, continuing to push hand-crafted glass to its artistic limits.


Retro Soy Sauce Cruet

This is a special reprinted edition of Hirota Glass' Soy Sauce Cruet from the 1930’s. The design is vintage which give a feeling of nostalgic. The spout was redesigned to prevent unnecessary spillage, making for better user experience. The top of the spout is embossed with Hirota's traditional sparrow logo. The glass is slightly tinted with amber hue, giving an old, retro feel for your table. 




Volume: 130ml






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