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Sasso Candle Gekkako L

Sasso Candle Gekkako L

The Story

Sasso, in Italian, means “stone”. The Sasso candles are another all-white series demonstrating the minimalistic and simplistic approach of 224 Porcelain. The natural and beautiful shape of Sasso comes from the stones that Satoshi Tsuji (owner of 224 Porcelain) collected from the mountain. Each Sasso pot is exquisitely handcrafted one by one. 


Sasso Moon is a white floral scent with a sensual and elegant aroma that combines the graceful sweetness of jasmine, neroli, and gardenia. This scent is relaxing and comforting which gives a sense of quietness in moonlight.


The 'Sasso' design starts as a candle but once finished can be repurposed into a pot for growing moss and succulents. For anyone wanting to liven up the pots further there are many possibilities: a Bonsai planter, a dessert bowl, an accessaries box or a beautiful porcelain decor at home. 





Burning Time

About 40 hours


Weight 190g


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