YUKI Room Fragrance Oil

YUKI Room Fragrance Oil

The Story

KITCHIBE fragrance collection was inspired by four seasons, culture, and lifestyle in Japan. The Signature and Sense fragrance collections are tested repeatedly and created by professional perfumers of Shiono Koryo, founded in 1808 in Dosho-machi, Osaka.



This fragrance evokes an image of a chilly winter morning in a Zen rock garden. A thick blanket of powder snow covers everything in sight and muffles every sound, leaving nothing but peaceful stillness. This fragrance will remind you of the comforting effect that snow can have.


The fresh air in the rock garden is expressed by mint, the inorganic sense created by the rocks is expressed by rose green fragrances and the fluttering powder snow is expressed by white rose, orris, vanilla and musk.


Top note: Crystal mint

Middle notes: Powder snow, floral cotton

Base notes: Earthy wood, large round







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