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Arita | Golden Peony Cup and Saucer H

Arita | Golden Peony Cup and Saucer H

The Story

Handmade in Arita, Japan. With delicate painting and firing techniques, the lifelike peony flowers are exquisitely crafted in this set of coffee cups and saucers. The porcelain made by Arita-yaki has a light, thin texture and smooth touch like glass. However, the material itself is very hard, durable, and does not easily absorb colour from beverage. It is ideal for enjoying tea. The gold and platinum rims make this porcelain noble set.


"Arita-yaki" refers to the porcelain produced in the area of Arita-cho in Saga Prefecture, Japan. It has a history of 400 years and is one of the earliest and most representative porcelain art in Japan. Arita-yaki porcelain is one of the most famous porcelains for its high quality in the world.


Due to uniquely handcrafting, each product may differ a bit from one another in terms of shape and colour. Ceramic defects such as micro bubbles, marks or uneven glaze may occur. Product may not exactly be identical to the sample image.



Cup: Φ7.2 x H9.2cm

Saucer: Φ14 x H3.4cm






Cup 1 pc, Saucer 1 pc



Do not use in microwave and dishwasher.

Wash with neutral detergent and by hand only.



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