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Kodo ("way of incense") has been a part of Japanese culture for over a thousand years. Kodo began as offerings to purify the mortuary tablets of ancestors at temples, and eventually became popular among the upper class as sora-daki, a style of incense burning where the fragrance fills the entire room. Aromatic wood and plants such as agarwood, cloves and sandalwood were ground into aromatic powders. As time went by, the horizons of kodo were broadened with new fragrances, and modern-day Japanese people have developed a keen sense of which aromas best suit their cuisine and rooms. Japanese people consider "no colors or scents" as the default, and place the utmost value on serene, pure fragrances: the delicate aroma of soba noodles: the dry, fruity scent of sake: the fresh, green fragrance on a walk through a mossy bamboo forest. In ancient temples, the scent of fragrant woods complements the centuries-old wood in a harmony that quiets the soul. We believe that the exquisite fragrances produced by this long-standing Japanese tradition will inspire the senses of people from all countries and cultures, and so KITCHIBE was born. KITCHIBE brings you Japan's most beautiful scents.



一 石 之 山 , 抱 月 蝕 月

       以 月 傳 香 , 浮 香 淨 心

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KITCHIBE x likestone is a new brand of room fragrances created through a collaboration between three expert companies: Shiono Koryo, a Japanese fragrance company with a history of over 200 years; Hosen-Gama, a producer of traditional Mino ceramics and Qurz Inc., a company founded by the designer Takumi Shimamura. Shiono Koryo was founded in 1808 in Dosho-machi, Osaka. It garnered success by being the first company in Japan to produce domestically made citrus essences, and has a strong presence in the field of flavors in addition to the fragrance market. Shiono Koryo works with affiliated companies in countries such as Taiwan and China to produce fragrances for businesses both throughout Japan and overseas. Hosen-gama was established in Toki, a city in Gifu Prefecture that is famous for Mino ceramics. It began with the production of porcelain bowls, and has expanded overseas as Japanese cuisine has become popular around the world. In January 2016, Hosen-gama attracted global attention by launching likestone, a series of ceramic dishes resembling stones, at the Maison et Object trade fair in France.

KITCHIBE是由Shiono Koryo鹽野香料(擁有200多年歷史的製香公司)創立,KITCHIBE以香道(Kodo)去詮釋自然與我們共生共存的理念,從「香」出發,以200年製香經驗調配出適合人類跟自然互相溝通與連繫的氣味,以設計、工藝、香氣搭建出身心療癒的一道橋,以香味刺激五感達至先靜心後淨心之效。

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