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六境香蠟・櫻 - CRINKLE CANDLE Sakura

六境香蠟・櫻 - CRINKLE CANDLE Sakura

The Story

Crinkle Candle is designed by Makoto Komatsu, produced by Ceramic Japan in the city of Seto, the location of one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.



A fragrance inspired by hanami, the traditional Japanese custom of viewing cherry blossoms in early spring. Japanese cherry blossoms last for a mere two weeks, and this seasonal motif has become one of Japan’s most symbolic aesthetics. Japanese people find beauty in the flowers’ short life, from the budding of the first blossom to the fallen petals dancing in the air. The sakura fragrance is inspired by the Oshima-sakura, a variety with a particularly vivid scent.


Top note : Ozone breeze

Middle notes : Oshima sakura, Rose, Muguet

Base note : Warm wood


Candle ingredients:

・100% domestically-sourced and plant-based ingredients including soya wax, palm oil and rapeseed oil base

・No petrol-carbon soot

・Stable burn

・Cleaner burning; no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants




Burning Time:

Up to 40 hours


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