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Banana Trick | Brooch

Banana Trick | Brooch

The Story

Miho Nozaki, an illustrator from Japan. In 2019, she departed for Malta and continued her illustration works there. During her stay in the southern Europe, she got lots of inspiration from the street, people and cats living around. She launched her own brand "Zacchino!" in 2010, producing the original brooch, stationery and other zakka goods using her illustrations. Nozaki's works have a unique brand taste, in her own words they are "slack and kinda bizzarre". 


The lines of the illustration on this brooch were drawn by hand and then filed, colored and coated. Each brooch may differ a bit from one another in terms of shape and colour. Product may not exactly identical to the sample image.



H4.5 x W4cm



Plastic, Brass



・The brooch is very delicate. Do not pull hard to remove the pin.
・The brooch is coated on both sides. Do not scratch it with sharp objects.
・Please be careful not to get water on the brooch.
・Please do not use the brooch in an environment where it will rub against other objects. For example, inside a bag.




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