Cloud Nine Mini Plate

Cloud Nine Mini Plate

The Story


The phrase “cloud nine” often refers to the top of cloud, a place that is nearest to the God. Therefore, “cloud nine” has a meaning of “a state of the supreme bliss”. Mr. Satoshi Tsuji, the prospective seventh owner of the Yozan kiln and the founder of 224 porcelain, designed and crafted this cloud-shaped porcelain series, as a gift representing bliss, elation and happiness. 


224 porcelain is a new porcelain brand produced by Bizen Yoshida Pottery in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture of Japan, a region well known for its tea and hot springs. Using techniques and tools developed over a long history of pottery production both in the Ureshino region and neighboring Arita City, they provide innovative products that enrich our daily lives.



L100 x W56 x H25mm 






Do not use in microwave and dishwasher.

Wash with neutral detergent and by hand only. 

Due to uniquely handcrafting, each product may differ a bit from one another in terms of size, color, pattern, capacity, weight, shape, etc. Product may not exactly identical to the sample image.




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