Paperless Coffee Hat Set (Matt Black edition)

Paperless Coffee Hat Set (Matt Black edition)

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Limited VALUE PACK - 1 filter + 2 holders! 


224 porcelain is a new porcelain brand produced by Bizen Yoshida Pottery in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture of Japan, a region well known for its tea and hot springs. Using techniques and tools developed over a long history of pottery production both in the Ureshino region and neighboring Arita City, they provide innovative products that enrich our daily lives.


Designed by Japanese designer Fumiaki Goto and handcrafted by 224 Porcelain artisan Satoshi Tsuji, this unique 224 Porcelain Coffee Hat provides a rich and sophisticated coffee experience. The filter Hat is made with a special soil called porous ceramics, which contains countless micro holes that filter your water and coffee. It also eliminates chlorine smell and impurities in water by the far-infrared effect.


A cloud-shaped coaster is set with the filter Hat. You can check the amount of pouring coffee in your mug from the opening of ceramic coaster. The ditch at the back of the cloud coaster can keep filter Hat stable on mugs.  A special edition in  Matt Black glaze is now available only at uniQue online. 


How to brew coffee: 

Set the 224 Porcelain Coffee Hat Filter upon your pot or mug. Start with 1 tablespoon of course ground coffee to 6 oz of water. Change the ratio per mug size. Slowly pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds, to bloom the coffee for 30 seconds. After coffee has bloomed pour hot water over the grounds starting in the middle to fill your filter. Pouring slowly helps keep the hat flowing. Coarsely grounded coffee is recommended. Serves 1-2 cups at a time.


How to maintain the Coffee Hat:

The Hat is environmental friendly and sustainable. When the flow becomes slow, the filter maybe clogged. It requires burning, over a direct flame, to maintain its flow. >> Reference Video



Filter 1pc, Holder 2pcs (Black + White / Black + Blue)



Filter: φ105 x H75 mm

Holder: L105 × W105 x H9 mm






Wash off the rest of the coffee powder with hot water after use. 

Do not use in microwave and dishwasher.

Do not wash the filter with detergent.





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