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Dot Musee Crayon

Dot Musee Crayon

The Story

Dots of rich, abundant colors were mixed together to create these Dot Musee multi-color crayons. The colors are inspired by the works of Impressionist painter Claude Monet. These crayons are wonderful for accenting schedule books, decorating cards and scrapbooks, and sketching. Try drawing with the corners, edges, or flat sides to create colorful textured effects reminiscent of familiar Impressionist scenes. 


Monet paintings and corresponding colors: 
SUNSET IN VENICE - 1908: nasturtium red orange, Mediterranean blue, coal black, wood. 
IRIS BED IN MONET’S GARDEN - 1900: lavender blue, fir tree, rose, pottery blue. 
WATER POND - GREEN HARMONY - 1899: billiards, walnut, mustard yellow, graphite. 
WATER LILIES - 1907: gray blue, brown, birch, pearl gray. 
RUE SAINT - DENIS ON THE NATIONAL HOLIDAY - 1878: snow white, poppy, acid blue. 
HAYSTACKS - 1891: curry, cherry, cinnamon, brick.



8 x 10 x 50mm each



Talc, Wax, Water-soluble resin, Pigment


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