Miki Furuhata Gold Glaze Ceramic Flower Brooch B

Miki Furuhata Gold Glaze Ceramic Flower Brooch B

The Story

Miki Furuhata values the creation and use of glazes on her ceramic works. Since the ideal glaze colour may not be produced every time, she has to take experiments repeatedly on glaze creation. The “layering” of glaze colour is a significant theme in all Furuhata’s works. This is inspired by the traditional Japanese ceremonial robe, the “Kimono no Juunihitoe”. The Juunihitoe, literally means "the twelve layers”, was the style of formal court dress worn by members of the Imperial House of Japan. The use of glaze colour in each layer is different, yet each layer overlaps, fits with each other and together facilitates a harmonious finish of a ceramic piece.


降幡的每件作品都非常重視釉藥的運用,靈感來自於日本傳統女性的宮庭和服「十二單衣」,釉藥互相重疊、配合、渲染,每層的釉色雖不同,卻異常「調和」,讓人感受到作品獨特的魅力。 降幡未來以其精湛的陶藝親手打造花瓷襟針系列,把高貴優雅的花卉以硬朗個性的輕陶瓷製作成一朵朵既剛且柔的襟針,適合不同性格、不同氣質獨一無二的妳。



L4 x W4cm






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