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HANA Flower Pencil Set

HANA Flower Pencil Set

The Story

The production of ordinary pencils results in a great deal of waste wood, but the HANA Flower Pencils use recycled paper instead of wood. Not only is the material recycled, it can be molded into any shape, much like plastic, with no waste.


The flower pencil expresses the shape of symbolic Japanese native flowers (cherry flowers, red plum, dandelions, tokiwa and balloon flower) in each pencil’s cross-section. 


When sharpened, the shavings that come out of the pencil sharpener look just like flower petals. Flower Pencils HANA transforms the routine act of drawing and sharpening pencils into a pleasant experience, and it is a great gift that will surprise the person who receives it.



Colour pencil 5 pcs, Pencil sharpener 1 pc



W40 x H180 x D35 mm each pencil



Recycled paper, Polypropylene, pigment, wax


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