RE:USEBLE Coffee Filter

The Story

Are you coffee lover? Do you use single-use paper coffee filter? Did you ever try to count how many single-use coffee filter that you have thrown away? Not to worry because these are paper? Do you know that paper coffee filters typically aren’t accepted by recycling centers, meaning they end up in landfills?


While the awareness of zero waste coffee started to get popular in the recent years, yurukuru in Japan has long been making reusable coffee filter since 2012.


They uses quick drying linen cloth, dye it with natural persimmon colors to prolong the line cloth lifespan. When the natural antimicrobial effect of persimmon coupled with repeated persimmon dyed, it would eventually obtain the optimum fibre gap, make the perfect cup of coffee!



M: 12cm×13cm for 3~4 cup

S: 8.5cm×9.5cm for 1~2 cup



Persimmon-dyed Linen

  • Remarks

    Each piece is bound to be with some different due to fully handmade design and handmade in japan)


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