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RE:USEBLE Coffee Filter

RE:USEBLE Coffee Filter

The Story

Living in a small town in Shikoku Japan, dye artist Yurukuru makes the natural persimmon dyed reusable filters since 2012. 


Quick drying linen cloth is used and dyed with natural persimmon colors to prolong the line cloth lifespan. When the natural antimicrobial effect of persimmon coupled with repeated persimmon dyed, it would eventually obtain the optimum fibre gap, make the perfect cup of coffee! Due to uniquely handcrafting, each linen filter may differ a bit from one another in terms of shape and colour. 



S: 8.5cm×9.5cm for 1~2 cup

M: 12cm×13cm for 3~4 cup

Filter lifespan: 500 times



Persimmon-dyed Linen



  • Wash off the rest of the coffee powder with water after use. 
  • Do not wash the filter with detergent.
PriceFrom HK$115.00

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