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Table Lamp ICHI

Table Lamp ICHI

The Story

'I wanted an easy carrying table lamp which creates my own “place” and “moment” wherever I go.' 


'Anyone from children to the elderly can easily handle and light up anywhere they like, either indoor or outdoor.'


Designers, engineers, and craftsmen gathered together under such concept and produced the new masterpiece table lamp “ICHI”. From mold making and material processing to matte powder coating to engraving, all manufacturing processes are completed in Osaka, Japan. Enjoy the feel of modern rough surface and comfortable weight of the iron table lamp.


4 Adjustable brightness levels

Press the invisible switch on the edge of the top surface for turning the light on/off. Brightness levels can be adjusted by repeatably pressing it.


1-hour auto-off function

With 1-hour auto-off timer equipped, it prevents from leaving the light on when you fall asleep. It is also a great function for a gentle reminder for your break while you are working intensively or children doing their homework.


Minimalist design and sustainability

The wireless lamp is run by 4 AA batteries hiding inside the metal inside the cylinder. 

Avoiding built-in battery is a key to the sustainability. “ICHI” can be used over long years as there is no worry about battery life unlike built-in batteries. For everyday use, use of rechargeable AA batteries can leads to more environmen- tally friendly.


Easy disassembly design

Designed with usability in mind, “ICHI” can be disassembled into 3 pieces just by screwing off top and bottom parts. With thickness of 20 mm, the disassembled table lamp can be put in your backpack or luggage safely. You can be with your favorite tool wherever you go!


Warm color LEDs 
Take attractiveness to the next level

Adopting 6 high color rendering LEDs (CRI95) and thick milky white board, “ICHI” illuminate your dishes more desirously and skin more beautifully by soft and warm lighting color just like a light bulb.



Diameter: 10 cm 
Height: 26.6 cm 
Cylinder's Diameter: 1.8 cm 

Weight: 760g


Power Supply
AA Batteries x 4


Iron (Powder Coating)

Adjustable Brightness Levels
4 Levels (Level 1 ~ 4)

Level 1 = 80 hour
Level 2 = 40 hour
Level 3 = 20 hour
Level 4 = 13 hour

Light Intensity
Level 1 = 30 Lux
Level 2 = 70 Lux
Level 3 = 200 Lux
Level 4 = 400 Lux



Please note that the lighting time will vary depending on the type of AA battery used.

When using with alkaline batteries, the lighting time may be significantly reduced.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH or Ni–MH) are recommended. 


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