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The Story

Founded in Osaka Japan in 1999, ovject is a product label that thinks about design in a way that is not bound by established ideas and perspectives. As a long-established manufacturer of quality enamelware, they create products that make your daily life a little more comfortable and make you think twice about the boundaries of tool-human relationships. 


ovject's Bottle-in-Bottle features an enamel bottle inside a double-layer vacuum stainless steel bottle, making it the perfect stainless bottle for every kind of drink, including acidic beverages.

By setting a glass-based enamel bottle set inside a stainless bottle, we have make it possible to store all kinds of beverages and flavorings inside—including acidic drinks, fruit juices, and drinks with high salt content, which cannot be contained in standard stainless steel bottles due to the characteristics of the material.

They use of glass-based enamel ensures that your coffee or other drinks will not be affected by a metallic smell, and odor transfer from the bottle's contents is also reduced. The wide mouth, which makes it easy to put in ice cubes or chunky soup, enables the bottle to be used in a variety of ways.

While a standard vacuum stainless bottle cannot be chilled in the fridge after being filled with a beverage, ovject's Bottle-in-Bottle design means that the inner enamel bottle can be removed and chilled separately. Simply insert it into the outer stainless bottle, and take it with you.

What's more, the stainless bottle can be used by itself too. Each bottle can play a separate role: for example, the enamel bottle could be used as a container to store flavorings.  

This is a product that combines the texture of metal with design details that meld into your hand, with no unnecessary adornments.Bottle-in-Bottle, modeled in the shape of a tea canister, blends comfortably into any scene—your kitchen, your workspace, the outdoors, and more.


  • A multipurpose stainless bottle, perfect for all kinds of drinks including acidic beverages
  • 3-way use: as a Bottle-in-Bottle, or the stainless bottle and inner enamel bottle can both be used separately
  • Inner enamel bottle can be filled with liquid and chilled separately
  • Enamel specification ensures no loss of flavor from your drinks, and no odor transfer to the bottle
  • Understated metallic colors
  • Wide mouth makes it easy to insert ice cubes or chunky ingredients
  • Enamel bottle incorporates a percentage of environmentally-friendly recycled enamel



Stainless Steel Bottle, Enamel Bottle, Silicone Rubber Stopper



Stainless Steel Bottle, Enamel Coating, ABS Plastic, Silicon



Size: Φ75.3 x H213.8mm

Weight: Bottle in Bottle 495g, Enamel Bottle 240g

Enamel Bottle Capacity: 320ml

Stainless Steel Bottle Capacity: 440ml

Heat Insulation Effect: 58℃ above(6 hours)

Cold Insulation Effect: 11℃ under(6 hours)



Not suitable for use on gas/IH stovetops, or dishwashers.



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