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AO Incense ASAGI 淺蔥

AO Incense ASAGI 淺蔥

The Story

"AO" -- a japanese word refers to the coulor of Blue. 


Sky blue

Sea blue

Lush mountain blue

Indigo blue


There are various shades of blue and each has its individuality.

Especially, the traditional blue colour has the intriguing history and personality, which "AO" incense expresses with scents.


ASAGI was the colour of Shinsengumi's kimono in the late Edo period and was highly respected. 

The Scent: Glamorous floral scent inspired by the strength and brilliance of Shinsengumi.



Incense 30 sticks 

Mini metal incense stand (L18 x W18mm)





Burning Time:

About 20 minutes



Keep incense out ot reach of children or pets.

Place the burner on a tray or dish to ensure that ashes will not get on the floor or furniture.


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