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Bamboo Martini

Bamboo Martini

The Story

Founded in Koshigaya city, Japan in 1988, RIVERET started researching the utilization of bamboo as a continuously renewable natural eco resource.


This unique silhouette is exquisitely crafted from natural bamboo which is suitable for cocktails such as martinis. The design has a wide drinking mouth and shallow bottom to allow sophisticated drinking without tilting it too much.The vessel is light in weight and very handy. It also enhances the taste of beverages. Perfect for use both in home, or ideal as a unique gift.


The product comes in two colors: white that utilizes the original color the natural bamboo, and a quaint brown tone achieved through smoking at a high temperature.


Each bamboo product is applied with a waterproof coating that permeates inside the bamboo so that the product can be used in a normal manner just like ceramic and glass dishware. (Coating Conforms to Food Sanitation Act) The coating prevents colors from changing and staining due to use with foods like wine and coffee.


Each product may have slightly different colouring due to being crafted from natural materials.



Φ80 x H140mm, Volume 120ml



Bamboo Martini 1 pc, Gift Box



Natural/ Smoky Brown



Natural Bamboo



Dishwasher safe. Please set the temperature under 70°C/158°F when using dishwasher.

Dishwasher detergents containing bleaching or abrasive agents cannot be used.


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