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Stratus Brass Incense Holder

Stratus Brass Incense Holder

The Story

West Village Tokyo promotes the use of traditional Japanese Hatagane clamps to create unique and original modern interior products. Hatagane was devised as a tightening tool in the early 1900s. It functions to secure parts, and has become a necessary tool for craftsmen when assembling wooden furniture.


Stratus can be attached anywhere, such as in a home with children or pets or in a location where it would typically be impossible to place any other incense holder. You can use it regardless of the length of the incense, by adjusting the joint bar. Enjoy expanding the range of your interior by installing it in a place that you do not usually decorate, such as the entrance pillar and bedroom.



Tube: φ4.5 x H10 cm

Hatagane holder: W3.5 x 17 cm

Brass tray: Φ10 x 2 cm

Joint bar: 10 cm



Brass, glass


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