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Usuhari Sake Set | 五輪酒器

Usuhari Sake Set | 五輪酒器

The Story


Established as a manufacturer of hand blowing light bulbs in 1922, Shotoku Glass has applied their niche technique to create delicate glasses. 


"Usu" meaning thin and "Hari" meaning glass, these usuhari glasses are exceptionally thin at 0.9mm. 


This Usuhari Sake Set comprises a set of five remarkably thin glasses which allows you to enjoy the delicate taste of the beverage, with minimal interference.


Thin Tumbler SS

Size: Φ46mm x H80mm

Full capacity: 85cc

Uses: Apéritif such as cold sake, whiskey, and liqueur


Thin Tumbler S

Size: Φ54mm x H97mm

Full capacity: 150cc

Uses: Cold sake, cold sencha, bite beer


Thin Tumbler M

Size: Φ65mm x H115mm

Full capacity: 260cc

Use: Versatile for daily use


Thin Tumbler L

Size: Φ70mm x H135mm

Full capacity: 375cc

Uses: Beer, highball, cocktails


Thin Tumbler LL

Size: Φ77mm x H150mm

Full capacity: 510cc

Use: Enjoy 350 ml of canned beer with the best balance of 7:3 beer-to-foam ratio.






  • This is not heat-resistant glass. 
  • Do not use in the microwave, oven and dishwasher.
  • Due to uniquely handcrafting, each glass may differ a bit from one another in terms of size,​ color,​ pattern,​ capacity,​ weight,​ shape,​ etc. Product may not exactly identical to the sample image.

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